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At the time when you intend to begin graduate-level study at Nebraska, will you have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree?

1. Primary Identification

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We request this information so that we can give appropriate information to applicants who may need to take extra steps to come here.

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3. Contact and Residence Information

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4. Admission Objective

Do you currently plan to enroll in distance or online courses?

For information on individual courses or entire graduate programs that can be completed online, see Online and Distance Graduate Programs.
*Admission Classification
See Steps to Admission for information on each of these categories. See Graduate Areas of Study for information on majors, degrees, and specializations.

  1. Choose visiting status if you intend to take a few courses at UNL while pursuing a graduate degree at another school.

  2. These certifications and endorsements are granted by the Nebraska Department of Education, not by UNL.
    These are courses of study resulting in a UNL transcript stating that work completed makes the student eligible to be recommended to the Dept of Ed for a credential.
    If renewing and adding endorsements simultaneously, select the renewal option.

5. Academic History
Nebraska Application History
  1. Have you previously applied for admission to graduate-level study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?     
    If yes...
    1. Has your academic history (schools attended and degrees conferred) changed since then?     

  2. Other than graduate study at UNL, have you applied for admission to any University of Nebraska (UNK, UNL, UNMC, UNO, NCTA) or Nebraska State College System (CSC, PSC, WSC) college or university?     
    If yes...
Colleges and Universities Attended List all postsecondary schools (colleges and universities) that you have attended.
Do not include elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, or employers.

If you have attended more than 5 schools or received more than 3 degrees from any one school, email additional information to or use the comment box at the bottom of this form.

  1. School 1 Start with a school from which you have received (or will receive) a degree.
    School 1 Degree 1 requires a degree and graduation date, even if that date is in the future.

    Dates of Attendance (mm/yyyy)
    Your degrees from School 1, with date received or expected (mm/yyyy)

  2. School 2 If you have attended additional colleges or universities, use rows 2 through 5 (as needed) to identify them.

    Dates of Attendance

  3. School 3

    Dates of Attendance

  4. School 4

    Dates of Attendance

  5. School 5

    Dates of Attendance
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Applicants are required to pay a nonrefundable application processing fee.
Some returning students are exempt from this fee, as outlined in our interactive Fee Rules.

Method of payment
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7. Declaration of Truth

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